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GM Suspected Exporters List - Updated December, 2010

This letter is a reminder that GM dealers in the U.S. are not authorized to sell new vehicles for resale or principal use outside the U.S. Furthermore, dealers are not authorized to sell to persons or companies in the business of reselling or brokering new motor vehicles. A list of companies and individuals who are suspected exporters and/or brokers of vehicles which they have purchased from dealers in the U.S. is available. Click Here: Suspected Exporters List.


The data for the Suspected Exporters List has been compiled through GM audits and data received from independent data sources. These sources include the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and U.S. Customs. The names and addresses frequently change. It is our intent to review and update this list as warranted and to provide it to your dealership for your information.


GM encourages you to share this list with your management team, so that your dealership can make the appropriate inquiries if approached by anyone on this list. Although GM is providing this list to your dealership, consulting the list does not end your dealership’s obligations in identifying potential exporters. Many of these companies could actually be processing legitimate sales. It is the dealers’ responsibility to make reasonable inquiry and to document, e.g., proper title and registration, payment of all applicable consumer taxes and payment made by a bona fide ultimate domestic user. It is the responsibility of the dealer to take reasonable steps to ensure the vehicles are not being sold for ultimate export.

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